Multi Services
Mario Letourneau Cody Romain

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We will replace only the parts that need to be replaced

We will advise you to replace anything that could be dangerous to your life or others

We will explain to you in detail why it needs to be done and when it has to be done.

Multi Services has been proudly serving the Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau community since 1988. We specialize  in Automobile Computerized engine control and electrical systems. We service all makes and models, mechanically, electrically and perform expert body work to remedy all your bumps, dents and scratches.

 List of Services.

Diagnostic of Automobile computerize engine control

Programing (keys , transmission , clusters , any reprogrammable module)

Specialiste in Electrical problems Antilock brake system  ( ABS ) and Airbags (SRS) OBD2 OBDII

Automobile body repair and painting ( Body Work)

Small engine repair

Snow Removal

Mario Letourneau and Cody Romain  Technicians


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